Premier Systems for You., and more!

Even if you’re a bar, restaurant, hotel, residence, corporate entity, educational institution or more, Premier Systems is there to give you the technological edge over other competing institutions. With advanced electronics such as these, it will be difficult keeping your customers away.


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Our services and products will amaze and entice yourself and your customers, including our revolutionary offering which takes your bar or restaurant to a whole new level. If you don't yet know about, it uses proprietary hybrid IP/TV technologies to bring custom television networks to your venue. You've got to see this to believe this!


In a world where the average person sees 3,000 advertisements a day, the only way to stand out is by delivering a multi-sensory experience customers won’t forget and DMX is an international leader in multi-sensory branding. DMX has rigorously researched and tested the effects of music, video, messaging and scent on human behavior. By integrating them into a single compelling experience, we help clients drive repeat business and build brand loyalty.