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McFadden's Saloon, Citifield Ballpark

McFadden's Saloon which is excitingly located at Citifield Ballpark, features over 15 HDTV's installed by Premier Systems, all of them using the revolutionary TAP.tv control system. By utlizing TAP.tv, McFadden's is able to offer it's customers customized programming, the shows and games that they want to watch where they want to watch them, and crystal clear picture display. Permier Systems has also integrated TAP.tv into several other McFadden's locations.

Jaguar 3

Jaguar 3, has integrated TAP.tv into this new spot. With trivia cards on every table, huge flat-screen TVs galore, and walls covered in memorabilia, this is the perfect place for the young and... not so young. Permier Systems is proud to be part of this fun and exciting destination.