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The world leader in private TV networks... directly though Premier Systems

While you can't legally put your ads over cable or satellite TV . . . provides its channels specifically for that purpose. lets you use your screens to promote your own business while providing additional cool programming options for your patrons.

Non-stop ads don't cut it. Customers demand compelling programming. They'll only pay attention to the screens if there is something of interest going on.

That's why provides real-time AP headline news; extreme sports video clips from hundreds of sports; college and professional sports news with live scores; and entertainment news and celebrity gossip.

You can run up to four TAP channels at the same time, along with your choice of satellite or cable programming. We not only recognize you will want to mix and blend channels with your sports favorites and live games playing on satellite or cable - we make it easier for you to tune whatever you want. The industry-leading TAP Pilot system tunes all video sources electronically from a touch screen, providing both efficiency and complete flexibility. is real TV, able to be coordinated with network, cable or satellite TV; and able to run on existing TV screens - just like your other TV. Except - with, you can place your own ads and information on your TV screens.

AP is a one-stop shop, providing the full range of services from content licensing; to IP network software and maintenance; to on-site hardware; to a free, yet powerful, on-line full video ad creation and management tool kit. Everything you need to place compelling content in front of your patrons, with your ads showcased in the context of real TV programming.

Our Newest Product: DMX

Offering you even more.

DMX is an industry pioneer with over 35 years of experience providing on-site marketing solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. Every DMX solution is completely customized according the specific needs of each business. DMX allows for you to design music experiences, entertain with HD imagery and music videos, create a scent experience, discover messaging solutions to stay in touch with customers on site and on the go.